May 2014, arsenal cinema

Silent Film Serial: TIH-MINH

TIH-MINH, 1919

TIH-MINH (Louis Feuillade, F 1919) was called the "greatest, which is to say, the weirdest, most uncanny, most dreamlike" of the Feuillade serials by writer and film critic Gilbert Adair. During the 1910s, Louis Feuillade created numerous serials, including the gangster and justice adventure series "Fantômas", "Les Vampires" und "Judex". Unlike these more well known films, TIH-MINH was received with less enthusiasm, yet its wild poetry and realism have served as an inspiration for generations of filmmakers and artists just like its predecessors.

Rather than being set in Feuillade’s otherwise preferred setting of Paris, TIH-MINH takes place on the glamorous Côte d'Azur. Traveling researcher Jacques d’Athys returns to Nice with his fiancée Tih-Minh and servant Placide following a long journey to Asia. Unaware that he has the valuable last will and testament of Rajah Oursavi in his possession, which contains clues about a storied Indian treasure, he soon has a gang of tricksters and foreign agents on his back. A veritable wealth of burglaries, attempted murders, superfluous disguises, kidnappings, hypnoses and amnesia-inducing drugs is the consequence. The numerous threads of intrigue being spun are only resolved once the secret service steps in.

We are showing the eight-hour, twelve-part series over four evenings with a live piano accompaniment by Eunice Martins. A combination ticket for all four evenings is available at a price of 28 € (20 € for members). (Parts 1–3: 14.5., Parts 4–6: 15.5., Parts 7–8: 17.5., Parts 9–12: 18.5.) (al)