October 2014, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents

The DEFA Foundation continues the film series "Breaks and Continuities" created in collaboration with the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation and presents two films with actor Rudolf Forster (1884–1968). The series is dedicated to twelve actors who worked at Ufa before 1945 and at DEFA afterwards.  In 1932, Rudolf Forster played the role of conman Rumowski in turbulent comedy DIE GRÄFIN VON MONTE CHRISTO (Karl Hartl) who tries together with his colleague to bewitch the alleged Countess of Monte Cristo. In SPIELBANK-AFFÄRE(Arthur Pohl, East Germany/Sweden 1957), Rudolf Forster can be seen as a casino owner in a West German health spa. Once the film was completed, the depiction of the Western milieu appeared too tempting to the East German film functionaries, so the film was released in black and white in East Germany, while the exported version "Parkplatz zur großen Sehnsucht" was distributed in color. (jh) (6.10.)