October 2014, arsenal cinema

Children's Exhibition "… und Action!"


To accompany the  "… und Action! Wie werden Film und Fernsehen gemacht?" (...and Action! How are Film and Television Made?) exhibition, the Deutsche Kinemathek is showing German children’s films and television series on the last weekend of each month. The children’s and youth series SCHLOSS EINSTEIN, of which we are showing two episodes of the 18th season as a preview, is largely about life in the Schloss Einstein boarding school. The stories revolve around first loves, problems and adventures with other school kids, parents and teachers. With over 800 episodes, this German television production is the longest running children's series worldwide. The first episode was already broadcast on September 4, 1998 on the Kinderkanal (KiKa). The film team give their impressions of the shoot for the 18th season. Children that have obtained the "film director"identity card in the "… und Action!" exhibition receive free entry to the screening.  (gw) (26.10.)