October 2014, arsenal cinema

Filmspotting. On The UNESCO World Day of Audiovisual Heritage


This year too, the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage once again provides the impetus to show largely unknown films from the early days of cinema, some of which have been digitally restored. The program comprises short fiction works (KASPERL-LOTTE, Germany 1913), travel impressions (ÄGYPTEN-ALEXANDRIEN-KAIRO, 1915), documentaries (SCHÖNHEITSKONKURRENZ IN DER KINDERWELT, I 1909) and comedies - in WEM GEHÖRT DAS KIND? (Germany 1910), Henny und Rosa Porten narrowly avoid a marital crisis, while international stars Prince and Mistinguett can be seen in an early version of Some Like It Hot (DER CLOWN UND DER NERVENSCHWACHE PASCHA, France 1910), with Max Linder also not able to be left out of the program either (MAXENS VEREHRERINNEN, France 1913). Mariann Lewinsky leads the audience through the program, with a live piano accompaniment by Eunice Martins. (ah) . (27.10.)