June 2015, arsenal cinema

Filmmakers' Choice

FUSES, 1965-68

In 1968, to come to terms with reality meant to overcome the patriarchal structures of academic knowledge and to enrich it with personal as well as collective experience. A continuum of love, rebellion and radical decisions spread around the streets of Rome; and life and art became inseparable. The area around Piazza Navona and Trastevere - in which workers still lived at the time - became the home, stage and school of experimenting youths. At the same time, film was declared a political act instead of an artistic endeavor. Political speeches, the dialectic of "stream of consciousness", performative, "mise en scène", intimacy, background noises and the self-perception of the cinema moved into the forefront. We will screen rarely seen Italian films, fragments of a discourse about Rome in '68 and its unique echo. (cs) (15.6., presented by Carola Spadoni)