February 2016, arsenal cinema

Around the World (3)

BILDNIS EINER TRINKERIN, 1979 (©Ulrike Ottinger)

"Weltreise. Forster – Humboldt – Chamisso – Ottinger" is the title of the Ulrike Ottinger exhibition that runs at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin until February 27, 2016. But traveling with the world is also one of the leitmotifs of Ottinger's cinematic work. As an "expediter to the margins of our world's perception" (Christina Tilmann), someone who crosses boundaries between genres and categories, and a cinematic cartographer of regions both near and far and spaces real and imaginary, for her most recent exhibition project, Ottinger set out on the trail of Adelbert von Chamisso in the northern Pacific. The visual worlds of this expedition form part of the Weltreise exhibition, as do travelogues, collections of notes, and artifacts from European research trips from the 18th and 19th century. To accompany the exhibition, we are presenting works by Ulrike Ottinger as well as journeys of discovery by other directors.

BILDNIS EINER TRINKERIN (Portrait of a Female Drunkard. Ticket of No Return, Ulrike Ottinger, BRD 1979, 2.2., in the presence of Ulrike Ottinger) This stylized composition provides a sightseeing tour of Berlin, an exploration of the city's topography according to a particular route: The elegant traveller who arrives at Tegel Airport wants to indulge her passion - drinking - with one companion, the "Zoo drinker." A series of figures from the art world provide the commentary.

HANS IM GLÜCK – DREI VERSUCHE, DAS RAUCHEN AUFZUGEBEN (Lucky Jack – Three Attempts to Stop Smoking, Peter Liechti, Switzerland 2003, 9.2.) On three treks from Zurich, where he lives, to St Gallen, where he grew up, Peter Liechti tries to kick his nicotine habit. He is always alone and on foot, with only a camera and notebook for company. Liechti's experiment with himself not only leads to a conflict with his ego, but also with Switzerland, his homeland. A wonderfully open and funny travel film that always returns to the basic questions of life and death.