July 2016, arsenal cinema

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Since his childhood days, Toto has believed that he switched places with the affluent son of his neighbors Alfred. He takes refuge in dreams of heroism and lives a boringly average life in the real world, while Alfred enjoys the comforts of his existence and then marries Toto's teenage love on top of everything. Now at the old people's home, the day of revenge seems to have come... The debut film TOTO LE HÉROS (Belgium/Germany/France 1991) by Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael won the Golden Camera in Cannes in 1991 and the audience award in Locarno and is an imaginative variation on the unwillingness to accept both fate and an all too linear dramatic structure. Producer Luciano Gloor, who recently passed on this film and other productions of his to the Deutsche Kinemathek, and actor Klaus Schindler will talk about working on TOTO LE HÉROS. (ah) (18.7.)