September 2016, arsenal cinema

Big cinema, small cinema #5: The magic of colors


A film program featuring magical colors and magic tricks: In IMAGINATION (M.E. Bute, USA 1957) sparks of color explode to the music. In LES ŒUFS DE PÂQUES (S. de Chomon, F 1907), a fairy conjures dancing figures from eggs. In LES DÉS MAGIQUES(Magic Dice,F 1906) a magician conjures dancers, Chinese clowns and other characters from dice. In the first color films, the colors did not appear by magic on the filmstrip but were painted directly onto it by hand. In the colorful film FADENSPIELE II (Toying with String II, D. & U. Aurand, G 2003) everything seems to move of its own accord. Brightly-colored material and string stretch between trees, bright reels of fabric roll in the snowy wintry landscape, balls bounce in a bright yellow rapefield - colors galore. After the screenings, we will experiment with colors and water, inspired by IMAGINATION. (sts) (18.9., Moderation: Stefanie Schlüter)