December 2016, arsenal cinema

Public Screening


In this edition of the "Public Screening", we create a link to the previous one by presenting a film already digitized by us instead of a film print in precarious condition: following Laura Mulvey's short film "Amy!", we are showing RIDDLES OF THE SPHINX, which she shot with Peter Wollen in 1976. Mulvey and Wollen’s theoretical work on feminism and film semiology has had an enduring influence on film theory. Their work was at the same time part of a wider social movement which envisaged a new social practice emerging within the climate of the 70s. "From today's perspective, what one finds in RIDDLES OF THE SPHINX is less an attempt to destroy the codes of classical Hollywood cinema as intended by its makers and more a continuation of their critique of this cinema by way of film." (Winfried Pauleit) (stss) (1.12.)