December 2016, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents


New cinema meets "old" DEFA films– Andres Veiel presents: on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of DEFA in May 2016, the DEFA Foundation is inviting important young directors to present DEFA films that have particularly impressed and influenced them:ICH WAR NEUNZEHN (Konrad Wolf, East Germany 1967): a German emigre returns to his homeland in 1945 as a lieutenant in the Soviet Army. This episodic, multifaceted anti-war film is based on Konrad Wolf’s memories and describes the horrors of war without pathos and mawkishness and makes Germany's guilt obvious. In the second part of the evening, two documentary shorts by Volker Koepp are being shown. In his early films, people are an organic part of an area, woven together with its past and present – a present that is primarily made manifest in working processes. They are snapshots that simultaneously document what shifts and what stays the same in human life. (jr) (5.12.)