December 2016, arsenal cinema

FU Lecture Series: Film Studies, the Archive, and Difference


Sabine Nessel's lecture poses the question of the relevance of archives for film historiographical research. We bring the cycle of Arsenal archive films by American independent documentarian Les Blank to a close with SPEND IT ALL (Les Blank, Skip Gerson, USA 1971, 6.12.), a film in praise of the everyday, culinary, and musical culture of the Cajuns in southwest Louisiana and WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE(Les Blank, USA 1980, 6.12.), in which filmmaker Herzog honors a lost bet. The start of a new focus on films of the feminist cinema of the 70s is formed by Helke Sander's DIE ALLSEITIG REDUZIERTE PERSÖNLICHKEIT – REDUPERS(West Germany 1978, 13.12.), which shows the everyday life of press photographer and single mother Edda Chiemnyjewski (Helke Sander) in 1970s West Berlin. The lecture series runs until February 2017 and is open to anyone interested. (sn)