December 2016, arsenal cinema

German Short Film Prize: Documentary Special

The nominations for the 2016 German Short Film Prize have been announced and the awards will be handed out on 17.11.: a welcome reason to take a look at several of the films by both this year's and last year's nominees at Arsenal on 9.12. The focus of this passing the baton exercise is on the nominated and prize-winning documentary works, including many which show in exemplary fashion the freedom of the short films to stretch, question, and cross genre boundaries. From 2015,HINTER DEM WALD(Francesca Bertin, Leonhard Kaufmann), DER BESTE WEG(Angelika Herta), AlieNation (Laura Lehmus) and HELIKOPTER – HAUSARREST (Constantin Hatz) will be shown, with KALTES TAL (Johannes Krell, Florian Fischer), TEHRAN DERBY (Simon Ostermann) and AGNOSIS (Anita Müller) from 2016, . An event in collaboration with the Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm, presented by Cornelia Klauß.