May 2017, arsenal cinema

Guests: Katharina Copony and Volker Sattel


Explorations of boldly utopian architecture in the midst of precipitous cliff formations on the one hand, the cinematic interpretation of a boisterous, ecstatic carnival parade in a mountain village on the other – Katharina Copony and Volker Sattel discuss their most recent work. LA CUPOLA(Volker Sattel, Germany 2016) is the portrait of a house without load-bearing walls, of an open space with a curved concrete dome, surrounded by reddish granite. The emptiness of the “cupola” and the desolation of the place create speculations – figures enter the frame and walk around the cupola, whose form seems to provide the utopia of an alternative concept for living even today. MOGHEN PARIS – UND SIE ZIEHEN MIT(Katharina Copony, Austria 2016) Views of an ancient cork oak forest: cowbells and women’s voices can be heard whispering mysterious words. With increasing intensity, this atmospheric study develops into a cinematographic mediation on the carnival in a Sardinian village. (mg) (31.5.)