September 2017, arsenal cinema

la > x

To celebrate the 50th anniversary since Berlin and Los Angeles became sister cities, on 13th September the film curator Marc Glöde and collector Axel Haubrok will present a comprehensive program of films made by artists from Los Angeles.

With all their differences, Berlin and Los Angeles share a long film tradition. The y also have in common a lively experimental film scene. Whereas in Los Angeles, aspects such as light, landscape, Hollywood or performance play an important role, Berlin centers on questions of politics, urban development, migration and institutional criticism. Against this backdrop, it is revealing to look at film and video art in Los Angeles from a Berlin perspective.

The comprehensive program at Arsenal will feature only films made in and about Los Angeles by artists, including works by Edgar Arceneaux, John Baldessari, James Benning, Morgan Fisher, Alex Hubbard, Sarah Morris, Ryan Trecartin and Kerry Tribe.

There will also be an exhibition at the Fahrbereitschaft in Lichtenberg, Berlin with works by Stephen Prina and Christopher Williams, two Los Angeles artists who explore the medium of film from a structural perspective.

la > x will be the occasion to watch outstanding works that are rarely screened and to witness what is a lively city partnership as part of the festival. (mag) (13.9.)

With the support of Berlin Art Week, The Governing Mayor of Berlin - Senate Chancellery, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Stauffenberg Dry Gin, Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House, the Haubrok Foundation und participating galleries.