October 2017, arsenal cinema

Film in the Present Tense

BLACK, 2015

LaborBerlin e.V. is putting on the symposium of the same name (20.–22.10.) on contemporary developments in analogue film culture and is presenting an evening of films in two parts. "Past Imperfect" brings together seven films which conceive of film as a carrier of memory and subjective experience. Just as memory remains incomplete as the individual resonance of different insights, film is also the personal impression of memories, intentions, joy, and the unknown. Afterwards, "The Elastic Now" gives insights into contemporary artistic work with analogue film material. Six films explore interconnected temporal levels and their individual and collective, technological and social implications. They stem from an "elastic present" frayed at both ends – that which leads to the past and that which leads to the future. (ad) 20.10.)