January 2018, arsenal cinema

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #17 – Far and Close


Khaled Mzher went to Lebanon, Jordan and Greece and made a small series of shorts about children living and working in these countries. In the presence of the filmmaker, we will show three of the films made in Jordan - COLOR MAKER, WHEN CITIES FLYandLET’S CAMERA. Jeannette Muñoz lives in Zurich but films mostly in Chile where she was born. In ENVIOS 21, her niece Barbara laughs a lot. In 1994, Ute Aurand took an afternoon walk through the city NEUBRANDENBURGnorth of Berlin, which she did not know. Marie Menken uses single frame cinematography to allow people and cars surge through the streets of the huge city of New York, calling her film GO! GO! GO!(ua) (21.1., for viewers aged 7+)