October 2018, arsenal cinema

The Basis of Make-Up

… is the backbone of our monthly program. Since the relaunch in November 2008, which turned the “Friends of the German Film Archive” into Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, artist and filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has been publishing drawings from his “The Basis of Make-Up” series there each month. They do not appear in numerical order, but are always accompanied by a description of the picture that serves to comment upon it. While no. 176 in the first monthly program contained Josef von Sternberg’s description of a bedroom in the harbor of Hamburg, drawing no. 1, which called the series into life in 1974, gave an account of a dream: “Writing down the dream after waking up seemed too complicated. I didn’t want to forget it either though, hence the sketch.” (H.E.) Ten years after the relaunch, we are now publishing all the drawings and texts in a special book. The result: a chronology of cinema, presented by Heinz Emigholz. (stss) (26.10.)