arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #25

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Spook Sport

Ah! La barbe

A Chairy Tale

Bewitched Matches

Mme. Croquemitaine


*Spook Sport Mary Ellen Bute, Norman McLaren USA 1939 16 mm 8 min
*Ah! La barbe Der lästige Bart Segundo de Chomón F 1905 16 mm silent 2 min
*A Chairy Tale Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra Canada 1957 35 mm Music 10 min
*Bewitched Matches Behexte Zündhölzer Emile Cohl F 1903 35 mm 3 min
*Mme. Croquemitaine Die böse Hexe Georges Denola F 1909 35 mm 5 min
*Vormittagsspuk Hans Richter Germany 1928 16 mm Music 6 min

Moderated by Stefanie Schlüter For everyone ages 5 and up
arsenal cinema: Following the sun – Mikhail Kalik retrospective

06:00 pm Cinema 1

Diskussion: Das Werk Michail Kaliks zwischen Tauwetter und Exilkino

Panel discussion: The Oeuvre of Mikhail Kalik - Between Thaw Period and Exile Cinema

With Erika and Ulrich Gregor, Christoph Huber, Anna Malgina, Barbara Wurm In English language Free admission
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
 – Staging spaces

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Tokyo monogatari

Tokyo monogatari Tokyo Story
Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1953 With Chisu Ryu, Setsuko Hara
DCP OV/German and French ST 136 min

arsenal cinema: Following the sun – Mikhail Kalik retrospective

07:30 pm Cinema 1

I woswraschajetsja weter …

Neotprawlennoe pismo w Moskwu

I vosvrashayetsya veter ... And The Wind Returns
USSR/USA 1991 35 mm OV/GeS 133 min
Showing first: Neotpravlennoe pismo v moskvu Unsent Letter to Moscow
Israel 1977 16 mm OV/GeS 32 min