arsenal cinema: Big Cinema, Small Cinema #33: The Art of Film Projection

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Première séance


We All Live in the Blue Image Forever

*Première séance Philippe Truffault,
Guy Skornik/Auguste & Louis Lumière
F 1895/1995 35 mm GV 11 min
*Colorfilm Farbfilm Standish Lawder USA 1972
16 mm without dialogue 3 min
We All Live in the Blue Image Forever
James Edmonds Germany 2007–2018
Super8 without dialogue 6 min

Moderated by Stefanie Schlüter
For everyone aged 5 and above
arsenal cinema: Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective

06:00 pm Cinema 1


Yokihi Princess Yang Kwei-fei
Japan 1955 35 mm OV/EnS 98 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – Make Them Laugh

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Right Now, Wrong Then

Right Now, Wrong Then
Hong Sang-Soo South Korea 2015
DCP OV/GeS 121 min

arsenal cinema: Federico & Marcello – The films of Federico Fellini starring Marcello Mastroianni

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Otto e mezzo

Otto e mezzo 8½ Federico Fellini I/F 1963
With Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimée, Claudia Cardinale
35 mm OV/GeS 138 min

Introduced by Gerhard Midding