April 2018, arsenal cinema

Living Archive Residents


This month, we are welcoming the current Living Archive residents to Arsenal: the filmmaker Anna Azevedo (Rio de Janeiro) and the filmmaker and archivist Leandro Listorti (Buenos Aires).  The  two will present a program consisting of films made by them and others from the Arsenal archive. Azevedo’s documentary DREŽNICA (Brazil, 2008) was compiled with amateur Super 8 images from the 1970s and describes a lyric journey through the images and dreams of blind people. “Drežnica” is a place where snow meets the sea, where the days are full of stars and the nights flooded with sunlight. It can only be “seen” by people who cannot see. VACANCY (G,1998) is a draft for a utopian city, a place abandoned by its inhabitants, a museum kept alive only for its watchmen. Matthias Müller interweaves his own footage with extracts from amateur films and features filmed in Brasilia. Leandro Listorti will present the collaborative film project SUCESOS INTERVENIDOS (Argentina 2014). The archive of the “Sucesos Argentinos”, a weekly newsreel that was screened in the cinemas from 1938 to 1972, is housed in the Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken Film Museum in Buenos Aires. To underscore the urgency of digitalizing the archive, the museum invited filmmakers to produce new works on the basis of the newsreels. The Living Archive residency was founded in conjunction with the Goethe Institute in 2011. (mr) (8.4.)

arsenal cinema: Contested Grounds: Films by Shinsuke Ogawa and Ogawa Pro

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Ogawa puro homonki

*Ogawa puro homonki A Visit to Ogawa Production
Jun’ichiro Oshige Japan 1981/1999
16 mm OV/GeS 60 min

arsenal cinema: Nachdemfilm is 20 years old

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Consumer Art

Das Portrait



Im Prinzip haben wir nichts gegen Mädchen

If Every Girl Had a Diary

Consumer Art Natalia LL Poland 1972
Digital file without dialogue 16 min
*Das Portrait May Spils
FRG 1966 35 mm 11 min
*Subjektitüde Helke Sander
FRG 1970 16 mm 5 min
His-Story Elsa Rassbach FRG 1972
Digital file 22 min
*Im Prinzip haben wir nichts gegen Mädchen
Riki Kalbe FRG 1976 16 mm 13 min
If Every Girl Had a Diary Sadie Benning
USA 1990 Digital file OFV 8 min

Presentation of the new issue of nachdemfilm
arsenal cinema: Contested Grounds: Films by Shinsuke Ogawa and Ogawa Pro

09:00 pm Cinema 2

Manzan benigaki

*Manzan benigaki Red Persimmons
Shinsuke Ogawa, Xiaolian Peng Japan 2001
16 mm OV/GeS 90 min