July 2012, arsenal cinema

Heinz Emigholz: The Architecture Films


"All architecture is what you do to it when you look upon it." (Walt Whitman) And all film history is what we make of it when we go to the cinema. In July, we are continuing our season of Heinz Emigholz's architecture films, which span many of his own different film series and are intended to coincide with the cinema release of PARABETON.

PARABETON – Pier Luigi Nervi und römischer Beton (Parabeton – Pier Luigi Nervi and Roman Concrete) Decampment of Modernism - Part I / Photography and beyond – Part 19, Germany 2011, July 6, 13 & 20, Heinz Emigholz will be attending the screenings) shows the 17 remaining buildings by Italian construction engineer Pier Luigi Nervi (1891–1979) in Italy and France in chronological order. As the inventor of many seminal building techniques, Nervi is the grand master of reinforced concrete construction. The film links Nervi's bold works with cinematic studies of antique buildings made from Roman concrete erected in the first centuries after Christ. 

EINE SERIE VON GEDANKEN (A Series of Thoughts) Miscellanea IV–VII, Photography and beyond – 15–18, Germany 1986–2010, July 1) consists of four parts: El Greco in Toledo, Leonardo’s Tears, On Board the USS Ticonderoga and A Museum in Essen. The series comprises a train of thought on the religiously and politically motivated and, in military terms, strategically executed sacrifice of sons. The final part shows the rooms of the Museum Folkwang building designed by David Chipperfield while they were still empty in December 2009, providing a space into which the preceding images can be mentally projected.

SCHINDLERS HÄUSER (Schindler's Houses) Architecture as Autobiography – Rudolph M. Schindler (1887–1953)/ Photography and beyond – Part 12, Austria 2007, July 8) shows 40 buildings by Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler from 1921 to 1952. Schindler's pioneering work in southern California founded an independent branch of architectural modernism. All the footage was shot in May 2006. The film is also a portrait of urban life in Los Angeles. 

LOOS ORNAMENTAL (Architecture as Autobiography – Adolf Loos (1870–1933)/Photography and beyond – Part 13, Austria/Germany 2007, July 11) shows the 27 still-existing buildings and interiors created by Austrian architect Adolf Loos in the order in which they were built. Adolf Loos was one of the founders of European architectural modernism. His vehement move away from including ornamentation on buildings led to controversy in the world of architectural theory.  The buildings – houses, interiors for apartments and shops, facades and monuments – were constructed from 1899 to 1931 and filmed in Vienna, Lower Austria, Prague, Brno, Plzeň, Nachod and Paris in 2006.

GOFF IN DER WÜSTE (Goff in the Desert) (Architecture as Autobiography – Bruce Goff (1904–1982)/Photography and beyond - Part 7, Germany 2002/03, July 15) shows 62 buildings designed by American architect Bruce Goff (1904-1982) ranging from small petrol stations to museums and is thus the first comprehensive cinematic catalogue of nearly all his surviving creations. Bruce Goff is the great unknown of a form of architecture unique to America. His constructions and designs defy the ideals of the more well-known International Style movement, with his work sparking legendary controversies during his lifetime The footage was shot on 40 different days in April and May 2002 on an 9,200 mile journey through the USA.

D'ANNUNZIOS HÖHLE (D'Annunzio's Cave) (Lifestyle as Autobiography – Gabriele d’Annunzio (1863–1938)/Photography and beyond – Part 8, Germany 2002–05, July 18) shows fifteen rooms of the Villa Cargnacco in Gardone on Lake Garda, where Gabriele d'Annunzio moved in 1921 and lived until his death. The villa is part of the "Vittoriale", a museum-like theme park honoring d’Annunzio that d'Annunzio himself and his personal architect Giancarlo Maroni spent almost two decades designing and furnishing.

MISCELLANEA (III) (Photography and beyond – Part 9, Germany 2005) shows scenes from the filming of GOFF IN DER WÜSTE.

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation Presents

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Doberaner Jubiläum

Barfuß und ohne Hut


Der Darß

Heimweh nach Rügen oder "Gestern noch war ich Köchin"

Selliner Fotograf

Drei Perlen

Doberaner Jubiläum Friedrich Rochow GDR 1966 35 mm 17 min

Barfuß und ohne Hut Jürgen Böttcher GDR 1964 35 mm 8 min

Ribnitz-Damgarten Alfons Machalz GDR 1989 DigiBeta 24 min

Der Darß Joop Huisken GDR 1967 35 mm 16 min

Heimweh nach Rügen oder "Gestern noch war ich Köchin" Róza Berger-Fiedler GDR 1977 35 mm 11 min

Selliner Fotograf Heinz Brinkmann GDR 1988 35 mm 11 min

Drei Perlen Gerhard Jentsch GDR 1966 35 mm 22 min

Introduced by Klaus-Dieter Felsmann
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08:00 pm Kino 1

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs Das Schweigen der Lämmer Jonathan Demme USA 1991

Mit Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins 35 mm OF 117 min

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation Presents

09:15 pm Cinema 2

Essay über ein Fischweib oder Min Herzing

Kurt Röver – Schiffbauer

De Goliath und sin Crew

Danz mit mi

Drei Häfen an der Ostsee

Essay über ein Fischweib oder Min Herzing Uwe Belz GDR 1974 35 mm 15 min

Kurt Röver – Schiffbauer Unknown GDR 1982 DigiBeta 21 min

De Goliath und sin Crew Uwe Belz GDR 1984 35 mm 20 min

Danz mit mi Gerhard Jentsch GDR 1956 DigiBeta 21 min

Drei Häfen an der Ostsee Hans Lindemann GDR 1956 35 mm 13 min