August 2012, arsenal cinema

"Heroes" Children's Exhibition


To coincide with the children's exhibition "Heroes" (Filmhaus, 4th floor), the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen is presenting a "hero" film on the last Sunday of every month. The first adaptation of Max von der Grün’s children's book DIE VORSTADTKROKODILE (1977) is showing on July 1. In order to join the "Suburban Crocodile Club", you have to pass a dangerous test of nerves, which is not easy for the paraplegic Kurt. Together, the club members manage to uncover a crime. It’s a very different story for the heroic Harry Potter, who follows the call to Hogwarts to attend wizard school and finds himself standing on platform 9 ¾ for the first time. In HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE (July 29), he gets to know the secrets of the magic school. The exciting documentary film program JUNGE HELDEN (August 26) is about everyday heroes and is presented by doxs, the Duisberg Documentary Film Festival for Children and Young People. Free entry with the "Superhero Pass", which can be obtained at the exhibition.

arsenal cinema: The Face as an Event

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Historia Naturae (Suita)

Moznosti dialogu

Do Pivnice

Konec stalinismu v Cechách


Bizarre facial transformations in the short films of Jan Švankmajer

Historia Naturae (Suita) Jan Švankmajer Czechoslovakia 1967 35 mm without dialogue 9 min

Moznosti dialogu Dimensions of Dialogue Jan Švankmajer Czechoslovakia 1982 35 mm OV/EnS 11 min

Do Pivnice Down to the Cellar Jan Švankmajer Czechoslovakia 1983 35 mm without dialogue 15 min

Konec stalinismu v Cechách The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia

Jan Švankmajer Czechoslovakia 1990 35 mm without dialogue 10 min

Jídlo Food Jan Švankmajer Czech Republic /UK 1992 35 mm without dialogue 16 min

and other films

Introduced by Judith Elisabeth Weiss (ZfL)
arsenal cinema: Arab Shorts

07:00 pm Cinema 1

The Battleship (Abdelkrim's Battleship)


One in a Million

Suspended Freedom

Before Vanishing

Tandid – Condemnations

Long Night of Arab Shorts: Every Day Life and a Call for Freedom

The Battleship (Abdelkrim's Battleship) Walid Mattar Tunisia 2003 OV/EnS 8 min

Karim Omar El Shamy Egypt 2011 OV 12 min

One in a Million Nadine Khan Egypt 2006 OV/EnS 12 min

Suspended Freedom May El Hossamy Egypt 2011 OV 11 min

Before Vanishing Joude Gorani France/Syria 2005 OF 13 min

Tandid – Condemnations Walid Mattar Tunisia/France 2010 OV/EnS 15 min

arsenal cinema: Arab Shorts

08:30 pm Cinema 1


Vue aérienne

Un aller simple (A One-way Ticket)

Oh Torment (Wa Wailah)

Faces Applauding Alone

Subtitles for Stolen Pictures

Everywhere was the Same

Total Eclipse (Eclipse totale)

Long Night of Arab Shorts: Experimental Views

Wahab Toni Serra (aka Abu Ali) France/Morocco 1994 OV 4 min

Vue aérienne Bouchra Khalili Morocco/France 2006 OV/EnS 9 min

Un aller simple (A One-way Ticket) Ammar Bouras Algeria 2003 OV 5 min

Oh Torment (Wa Wailah) Monira Al Qadiri Kuwait 2008 OV 10 min

Faces Applauding Alone Ahmad Ghossein Lebanon 2008 OV 7 min

Subtitles for Stolen Pictures Rheim Alkadhi Iraq/USA 2007 OV 8 min

Everywhere was the Same Basma Al-Sharif Lebanon 2007 OF 12 min

Total Eclipse (Eclipse totale) Yacine Mohamed Benelhadj Algeria 2007 OV/EnS 8 min

DVD / Blue ray

Monira Al Qadiri, Ammar Bouras in person
arsenal cinema: Arab Shorts

10:00 pm Cinema 1

Lemon Flowers

Ça sera beau (From Beirut with Love)

Long Night of Arab Shorts: The Personal War

Lemon Flowers Pamela Ghanimeh Lebanon/Denmark 2007 OV/EnS 35 min

Ça sera beau (From Beirut with Love) Wael Noureddine France/Lebanon 2005 OV/EnS 31 min

DVD / Blue ray

arsenal cinema: Arab Shorts

11:30 pm Cinema 1

Under the Iron

Land of the Heroes


El Central – Call Center


Long Night of Arab Shorts: On Family

Under the Iron Agathe Dirani Egypt 2011 OV 6 min

Land of the Heroes Sahim Omar Kalifa Belgium/Iraq 2011 OF 17 min

Checkpoint Ruben Amar France 2010 OV/EnS 19 min

El Central – Call Center Mohammed Hammad Egypt 2006 OV/EnS 18 min

Payback Omar Khaled Egypt 2011 OV/EnS 16 min