July 2012, arsenal cinema

Public screening: "Cine de Transición"


At this month's public screening on July 24 will be showing and discussing films in connection with Sabine Schöbel's project "Cine de Transición – The period of political and social transition from dictatorship to democracy (1965-1985) in Spain in the mirror of the film collection of Arsenal". "The focus of my project are the Spanish films, which were shown in the years after the death of Franco in the Forum. It is a collection of films, where, after decades, the "other Spain" becomes visible again, which ended with the end of the civil war in the underground or into exile. At best the „other Spain“ became present to an audience as a film in Catalan’s "cine clandestino" since the late 60’s of the last century. The selected works are at first documents of a social change and visualization of this change by the International Forum of New Cinema. Under these circumstances and with the desire to create a film tour for the local cinemas, I approached the archive. The review of the copies, stored there for decades, brought out soon another aspect: “La otra España“ presented itself as a kind of "Rotfilm". The crowd scenes of the civil war, the strikes of the theater workers in Barcelona in 1977, the prison yard of the political prisoners in the Basque country, the white mask in the forbidden play LA TORNA and the bedroom of the magician in A UN DIOS DESCONOCIDO, it all seemed to be coloured. Film, film history, history: red. Other works have rarely or too much contrast or are rainy. In some cases you want to know if it has always been like this. Characteristic of a "poor cinema"? Or are these also "signs of the times"?" (Sabine Schöbel)

The Public Screening of "Cine de Transición" asks the question of how to deal with damaged prints. It is a discussion on the artistic, curatorial and legal aspects of the decay of film material. 

Excerpts from the following films will be screened:

CINCUENTA Y DOS DOMINGOS, Llorenç Soler, Spain 1970, 16mm, OV, 42’

TOQUE DE QUEDA, Iñaki Nuñez, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 40’ 

LA TORNA, Albert Boadella/Francesc Bellmunt, Spain 1978, 16mm, OVGeS, 120’

LIBERTAT D´ESPRESSIÓ, Antoni Ribas, Spain 1978, 16mm, OV, 12’

LA VIEJA MEMORIA, Jaime Camino, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 165’

SHIRLEY TEMPLE STORY, Antoni Padros, Spain 1976, 16mm, OV, 226’

DESCONOCIDO, Jaime Chávarri, Spain 1978, 35mm, OVGeS, 107’

The project is a collaboration of Sabine Schöbel with the Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit e.V. A project description can be found here.

The screening starts at 7 pm. Admission is free.

arsenal cinema:

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Öffentliche Sichtung

"Cine de Transición"

Excerpts from the following films:

Cincuenta dos domingos Llorenç Soler, Spain 1970, 16mm, OV, 42’

Toque de queda Iñaki Nuñez, Spain 1978, 35mm, OV/GeS, 40’

La torna Albert Boadella/Francesc Bellmunt, Spain 1978, 16mm, OV/GeS, 120’

Libertat d'espressió Antoni Ribas, Spain 1978, 16mm, OV, 12’

La vieja memoria Jaime Camino, Spain 1978, 35mm, OV/GeS, 165’

Shirley Temple Story Antoni Padros, Spain 1976, 16mm, OV, 226’

A un dios desconocido Jaime Chávarri, Spain 1978, 35mm, OV/GeS, 107’

Free admission

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour - No Man's Lands and Shady Underbellies in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 1

The Third Man

The Third Man Carol Reed UK 1949

With Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles

35 mm OV 108 min