July 2012, arsenal cinema

Living Archive

In July, Eunice Martins presents the first part of her "Pieces for the Archive" project, a live composition drawing on short films from the Arsenal archive, including those by Eugene Deslaw and Richard Serra. Taking these short films as a starting point, which themselves experiment with image and sound and how they can be combined or treated separately, a performance piece will be created live by Eunice Martins (piano) and Mehmet Can Özer (live electronics) in the auditorium which reflects, enters into dialogue with, departs from or pauses the short films included in the program. (July 7)

Artist and performer Vaginal Davis invites audiences to attend her new series "Rising Stars, Falling Stars: We Must Have Music!"

On July 1, a screening of Jean-Marie Straub’s and Danièle Huillet's ZU FRÜH, ZU SPÄT will be presented and discussed by Goethe Institute Living Archive fellow Ala Younis and project participant Tobias Hering. Our monthly screenings of films from the Arsenal archive selected by participants of the Living Archive project will take place on July 24 and August 13. Admission is free, the program will be announced shortly beforehand.

arsenal cinema: The face as an event

07:00 pm Cinema 1


Guelwaar Ousmane Sembène Senegal/France 1992

35 mm OV/GeS 115 min

Introduced by Dirk Naguschewski
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour - City Symphonies

07:30 pm Cinema 2


Moskwa Moscow Ilja Kopalin, Michail Kaufman USSR 1927 35 mm OV/GeS 78 min

Eunice Martins on piano