January 2014, arsenal cinema

Film and Lecture Series: Research in Film Aesthetics (3)


Since reality is increasingly perceived from a critical art perspective as an unknown quantity which must be established independently of aesthetic means and elevated to the level of visibility and audibility, this film and lecture series thus presents and discusses advanced works of film art with respect to the research procedures they employ. The program was initiated by Prof. Michaela Ott (HfbK Hamburg) and Prof. Dieter Mersch (Universität Potsdam/ZHdK Zürich) and will involve the participants of the DFG graduate course "Visibility and Visual Production: Hybrid Forms of Iconic Knowledge". It presents research on as broad a possible range of experimental films, documentaries and features

TRAITÉ DE BAVE ET D'ÉTERNITÉ(Isidore Isou, France1951, 10.1., with an introduction by Martin Stefanov) is a forgotten precursor of the North American and European experimental film of the 60s and 70s. In his manifesto for a cinéma discrépant, Isou, founder of lettrism, argued for the strict separation of the levels of sound and image. His images – street scenes of Paris he shot himself and found footage from army archives, black film and unexposed film – are scratched, painted on and destroyed.

THE WAY OF THE WEED (An-Marie Lambrechts, Peter Missotten, Anne Quirynen, Germany 1997, 17.1., with an introduction by Anne Quirynen), a collaboration with William Forsythe and dancers, inserts the dancers' actions into a fictional narrative. Whilst searching through a computer, an academic comes across the vestiges of a research team that set out into the desert to carry out botanical investigations. 

BLAST OF SILENCE(Allen Baron, USA 1961, 24.1., with an introduction by Michael Mayer) Hit-man Frank Bono (Allen Baron) comes to New York before Christmas to carry out a job. This low budget production’s dark aesthetic and taciturn, laconic quality have seen it described a late film noir masterpiece.

ALLEGORIA SACRA (2011–2012, 31.1., with an introduction by Winfried Gerling) by Russian artists' group AES+F is inspired by Giovanni Bellini's painting Allegoria Sacra. (mo/al)

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour — Bodies in Film

07:30 pm Cinema 2

42nd Street

42nd Street Lloyd Bacon USA 1933
choreography: Busby Berkeley
With Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell
35 mm OV with Spanisch ST 90 min

arsenal cinema: Film and Lecture Series: Research in Film Aesthetics (3)

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Blast of Silence

Blast of Silence Allen Baron USA 1961
35 mm OV 77 min

Introduced by Michael Mayer
arsenal cinema: Creative Provocation: Retrospective Želimir Žilnik

09:15 pm Cinema 2

Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten

Öffentliche Hinrichtung

Paradies. Eine imperialistische Tragikomödie

Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten FRG 1975
35 mm German OV 10 min
Öffentliche Hinrichtung
FRG 1974
Beta SP German OV 9 min
Paradies. Eine imperialistische Tragikomödie

FRG 1976 Beta SP German OV 62 min