December 2015, arsenal cinema

New Works from the UdK


The moving image classes studying on the UdK's Art and Media program invite audiences to a long film evening and present new works. A spectrum of diverse positions will be on show which document various unconventional and unusual treatments of image and sound.
Students from the Narrative Film (Thomas Arslan), Media Art/Experimental Film
(Nina Fischer) und Moving Image (Anna Anders) classes will be showing fiction pieces, experimental works, documentaries, videos, and installations.
The first program (7pm) shows freestanding works and those created in collaboration with the Acting and Scenic Writing study courses. The second program (9pm) places a focus on freestanding works. Additional videos and installations can be seen in the foyer. (ta) (16.12.)

arsenal cinema: Classics Not Just for Children

04:30 pm Cinema 1

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush
Charles Chaplin USA 1925
Music: Charles Chaplin
DCP OV/GeS 96 min

arsenal cinema: Pursuits of Happiness – Screwball Comedy

07:00 pm Cinema 1

You Can't Take It With You

You Can't Take It With You Frank Capra USA 1938
With Jean Arthur, James Stewart, Edward Arnold
DCP OV/GeS 126 min

arsenal cinema: Vaginal Davis Presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars –
 Letters from the Wardrobe

08:00 pm Cinema 2


Diva Jean-Jacques Beineix France 1981
35 mm OV/GeS 117 min

Presented by Vaginal Davis