July 2016, arsenal cinema

LaborBerlin Presents FRAME, RE-FRAME


American filmmaker Andrew Kim is a currently a guest at LaborBerlin as part of an artists' residency. During his stay, he will be exploring the many possibilities for animation offered by the Crass animation table. In this film program, Andrew Kim presents contemporary works by filmmakers he is friends with in Los Angeles as well as works of his own. The program investigates the individual image as a fundamental unit of cinema. Time, location, and movement are placed in new contexts in order to challenge perceptual strategies. (ad)

The event is funded by the EU's Creative Europe Programme (15.7.)

arsenal cinema: LaborBerlin Presents FRAME, RE-FRAME

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Society of Motion

Something Like Whales

Half Human, Half Vapor

Australian Paper

Temples It Knows No Longer

The Central Valley

Center Of The Cyclone

(I) Frame

Society of Motion Andrew Kim USA 2015 16 mm 3 min
Something Like Whales Nora Sweeney USA 2013 16 mm 5 min
Half Human, Half Vapor Mike Stoltz USA 2015 16 mm 12 min
Australian Paper Min Jung Kim USA 2015 16 mm 3 min
Temples It Knows No Longer Andrew Kim USA 2016 16 mm 7 min
The Central Valley Gina Marie Napolitan, Beaux Gest Mingus
USA 2013 16 mm 7 min
Center Of The Cyclone Heather Trawick USA 2015 16 mm 16 min
(I) Frame Karissa Hahn, Andrew Kim USA 2016 35 mm 10 min

Presented by Andrew Kim
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour
: Cinematic Strolls / Flaneurs in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Mnje dwadzat ljet

Mnje dwadzat ljet I Am Twenty Marlen Khutsiev
With Valentin Popow, Nikolaj Gubenko, Stanislaw Ljubshin
35 mm OV/EnS 172 min