March 2016, arsenal cinema

Vincent Grenier is our guest

TABULA RASA, 1993-2004

The Canadian filmmaker and artist Vincent Grenier shows new and older works. The two programs will be presented by Ute Aurand and James Edmonds (Light Movement).

"From the beginning he has devoted himself to the essential questions of the cinema in his work, especially those of light and projected shadows, the contours of a given space, duration. The strategies that he uses are always simple: Time is at the heart of all his films, he always carries out a ritual, his camera observes movement, the tiniest shift, very precisely. Since his very first films, Grenier focuses his interest on the simple gestures of the everyday. To dissolve the abstraction, to draw one's attention on the minute details which when filmed, become very poetic and reveal the individual behind the mechanical and the routine" (Nicole Gingras)

With the kind support of the Embassy of Canada. (25.3.)


arsenal cinema: Monica Vitti – Icon, Diva, Comedian!

07:00 pm Cinema 1


L'eclisse Eclipse 1962 Michelangelo Antonioni
Italy/France 1962 Mit Monica Vitti, Alain Delon
35 mm OV/GeS 126 min

arsenal cinema: Vincent Grenier is our guest

07:30 pm Cinema 2



Interieur Interiors

Les chaises

Armoire, Prologue & Coda




Time's Wake

Surface Tension #2

Closer Outside

Intersection 2015 Digital file 7 min
Watercolor Canada/USA 2013 Digital file 12 min
Interieur Interiors USA 1978 16 mm 15 min
Les chaises Canada 2008 Digital file 9 min
Armoire, Prologue & Coda USA/Canada 2007–2009 Digital file 6 min
Mend 1979 16 mm 5 min
You USA 1990/2014 Digital file 12 min
Tabula Rasa Canada/USA 1993–2004 Digital file 7 min
Time's Wake USA 1978 16 mm 14 min
Surface Tension #2 USA 1995–2005 16 mm 4 min
Closer Outside 1981 16 mm 10 min

Presented by Ute Aurand and by James Edmonds, Light Movement
Vincent Grenier in person
arsenal cinema: Monica Vitti – Icon, Diva, Comedian!

09:30 pm Cinema 1

La ragazza con la pistola

La ragazza con la pistola The Girl with the Pistol Mario Monicelli Italy 1968
With Monica Vitti, Carlo Giuffrè, Stanley Baker 35 mm OV/EnS 102 min