December 2017, arsenal cinema

Harun Farocki Workshop for Schools III


To bring the comprehensive retrospective of the films of Harun Farocki at Arsenal to an end, another school workshop about Farocki’s specific way of working is taking place, headed by Eunice Martins and Laura Mello. The workshop is entitled "Image Makes Sound Makes Images" and is dedicated to exploring the different contexts of sound and image production. Taking selected films by Harun Farocki as an example, the idea is to investigate how film directors think about the power of the technically created image. Afterwards, a montage of different soundtracks will be created to accompany pre-existing images. Does image dictate sound or sound dictate image? (sts) (4.12., moderated by Eunice Martins & Laura Mello)


arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: 
Make Them Laugh – Laughing in the Cinema, Laughter in Film

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Wesjolye rebjata

*Wesjolye rebjata
Grigori Alexandrow USSR 1934
35 mm OV/GeS 98 min

arsenal cinema: A City Called Home – Ten Films from Los Angeles

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Private Property

Private Property Leslie Stevens USA 1960
With Corey Allen, Warren Oates, Kate Manx, Robert Wark, Jerome Cowan
35 mm OV 70 min
Preservation funded by The Packard Humanities Institute

Opening Introduced by Jan-Christopher Horak, Director UCLA Film & Television Archive