December 2017, arsenal cinema

Classics Not Just for Children


THE GOLD RUSH (Charles Chaplin, USA 1925) Slapstick and anarchy in snow-covered chaos: the tramp (Charles Chaplin) travels to the West in winter to try his hand at gold prospecting. Driving snow leads him to take refuge in a remote hut, where he meets an escaped convict and a gold prospector who has just hit the jackpot. The treasure soon becomes a contested commodity and a liability for the one who originally found it. For his part, vagabond Charlie must be on his guard against the dangers posed by ravenous crooks and bears, and also save himself from steep cliffs and badly secured huts. But in an Alaska gripped by gold fever, all he’s really looking for is a heart of gold. (mg) (10.12.)


arsenal cinema: Classics Not Just for Children

04:30 pm Cinema 1

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush Charles Chaplin
USA 1925 With Charles Chaplin
DCP OV/GeS 96 min

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07:30 pm Cinema 2

Sullivan's Travels

Sullivan’s Travels Preston Sturges
USA 1941 With Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake
DCP OV 91 min

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08:00 pm Cinema 1

Cry Danger

Cry Danger Robert Parrish USA 1951
With Dick Powell, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Erdman
35 mm OV 79 min
Preservation funded by the Film Noir Foundation

Introduced by Jan-Christopher Horak, Director UCLA Film & Television Archive