December 2017, arsenal cinema

Short.Film.Tour. 2017/18

The 2017 German Short Film Prize will be awarded on 23.11. and the nominations are already out: a welcome opportunity to take a look at several films from both this year and the previous one at Arsenal on 11.12. This baton-passing of a very special kind includes films of different categories, which sometimes are classical representatives of them, but sometimes also experiment, play with boundaries, make you think, or are happy just to entertain. The 2016 films to be presented are HOMEWORK (Annika Pinske), EIN AUS WEG (Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst), and HEIMATURLAUB (Franz Winzentsen), while the ones from 2017 are LANDSTRICH (Juliane Ebner), THE LAST TAPE (Cyprien Clément-Delmas, Igor Kosenko), PIX (Sophie Linnenbaum). (fk) An event with numerous guests in collaboration with the Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm. Moderated by Cornelia Klauß.


arsenal cinema: Short.Film.Tour. 2017/18

07:30 pm Cinema 2



Ein Aus Weg

The Last Tape



Homework Annika Pinske Germany 2016 DCP 7 min
Landstrich Juliane Ebner Germany 2017 DCP 30 min
Ein Aus Weg Hannah Stragholz & Simon Steinhorst Germany 2016 DCP 20 min
The Last Tape Cyprien Clément-Delmas & Igor Kosenko Germany 2017 DCP OV/GeS 12 min
Heimaturlaub Franz Winzentsen Germany 2016 DCP 14 min
Pix Sophie Linnenbaum Germany 2017 DCP without dialogue 9min

Sophie Linnenbaum, Juliane Ebner, Fabian Driehorst in person
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08:00 pm Cinema 1

Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly Robert Aldrich USA 1955
With Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart
35 mm OV 105 min