March 2017, arsenal cinema

Rediscovered and restored: Break Up


Nomen est omen – when one pictures the massive cuts made to Marco Ferreri's grotesque and comical farce Break Up Luomo dei 5 palloni (I/F 1965) the title of this underestimated comedy acquires a new and extremely bitter connotation. When the medium-length BREAK UP was finished, the producer Carlo Ponti shortened the film from 82 to 35 minutes to turn it into an episode film. Neither Ferreri's original version nor the new version which emerged years later were released on Italy's screens. Half a century later, the Cineteca di Bologna decided to restore the film and make it accessible again. In cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, we are screening this absurd comedy about a candy-maker (Marcello Mastroianni) obsessed with exploding balloons to coincide with a Mastroianni exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin. (mg) (1965). (9.3.)

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation presents

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Eine Berliner Romanze

Eine Berliner Romanze Gerhard Klein GDR 1956
35 mm 80 min

Annekathrin Bürger in person
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Excess and opulence

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate Michael Cimino USA 1980
With Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt,
Isabelle Huppert, Joseph Cotten, Jeff Bridges
Restored long version 35 mm OV 216 min

arsenal cinema: The DEFA Foundation presents

09:00 pm Cinema 2

Leichensache Zernik

Leichensache Zernik Helmut Nitzschke GDR 1972
DCP 96 min

Annekathrin Bürger in person