March 2017, arsenal cinema

Arsenal Filmatelier: Big cinema, small cinema #11

What's ringing, scratching, rattling in the film? Ever since the first cinema screening in 1895, films have been accompanied by sounds and music. Before we conduct our own sound experiments and find ideas for a soundtrack for HORSE OVER TEA KETTLE and play it live, we will discover what can be seen and heard in seven shorts: FLUKE by Emily Breer (USA 1985) travels through air. HORSE OVER TEA KETTLE (USA 1962) by Robert Breer lets shapes and colors fly and lights spiral through the night in LIGHTS (Marie Menken, USA 1965). Machines dance in Len Lye's RHYTHM (USA 1957) and in 4000 FRAMES – AN EYE-OPENER FILM(Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, AUS 1970) the images speed up into a maelstrom. We listen in on a girl in Gunvor Nelson's MY NAME IS OONA (USA 1981). In Georges Méliès’ LE TONNERRE DE JUPITER (F 1903) a planet has unexpected problems with thunder. (em) (26.3.)

arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

06:30 pm Cinema 1


Linie 8

Am Rand

Uh, It's Great Here!

*Berlin Irena Vrkljan FRG 1969 16 mm 33 min
*Linie 8 Irina Hoppe FRG 1983 16 mm 31 min
*Am Rand Thomas Arslan Germany 1990 16 mm 26 min
Uh, It's Great Here! Jan Bachmann Germany 2011 Digital file 24 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Excess and opulence

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Iwan Grosnyi I

*Iwan Grosnyi IIvan Grozniy part 1
Sergei M. Eisenstein USSR 1943–45
35 mm OV/GeS 99 min

arsenal cinema: 50 years of dffb

09:00 pm Cinema 1

Ihr und eure Welt

Das Glück meiner Schwester

Ihr und eure Welt Janin Halisch Germany 2014 DCP 15 min
*Das Glück meiner Schwester Angela Schanelec Germany 1995
35 mm 85 min

Angela Schanelec in person