May 2017, arsenal cinema

The Will to Observe


The UdK’s Institute for Film presents the most recent monographs by its Art and Media graduates to be released on their own DVD label, which has grown to encompass 40 different titles over the last ten years. FELDARBEIT draws on an open experimental set-up to measure the proximity and distance between director Henrike Meyer and her father. The subject of PERFORMANCE (Kornelia Kugler, Hanna Bergfors) is the work of an artists’ collective who are attempting to get a performance project off the ground in precarious conditions and deals with such themes as love, work, and identity. AUS WESTLICHEN RICHTUNGEN is a reflection upon the fuzzy concept of “West Germany”. Taking fragments of memory as a starting point, Juliane Henrich collects images of the present in which retain traces of the past and contrasts these with quotes and her own thoughts gleaned from greater distance. By pulling on 80 colorfully patterned sleeveless overalls, Jeanette Goßlau explores the legacy of her grandmother in the installation KÄTHES SCHÜRZEN. (bs) (2.5.)

arsenal cinema: The Will to Observe

07:30 pm Cinema 1



Aus westlichen Richtungen

Xuparia uma menina / Xuparina's Journey

Käthes Schürzen

Feldarbeit Henrike Meyer Germany 2012 Digital file 39 min
Performance Hanna Bergfors, Kornelia Kugler Germany 2014 Digital file 60 min
Aus westlichen Richtungen Juliane Henrich Germany 2016 Digital file 61 min
Xuparia uma menina / Xuparina’s Journey
Xupa Records & Systrar Productions Germany 2016 Digital file 5 min
Installation in the foryer: Käthes Schürzen Jeanette Goßlau Germany 2015 20 min

Filmmakers in person
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – The Voice, Language and Speaking in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Hamburger Lektionen

Hamburger Lektionen Romuald Karmakar
Germany 2006 With Manfred Zapatka
DigiBeta 133 min