April 2018, arsenal cinema

Big cinema, small cinema #20


What’s ringing, scratching, rustling there in the film? Ever since films were first shown in 1895, they have been accompanied by sounds and music. Today, a sound track collects sounds, music and noise. Before ourselves experimenting with sounds and noise and coming up with ideas for a soundtrack for DIE EXPEDITION ZUM SÜDPOL (Astrid Rieger, D 2002) that we will then perform live, we will find out what can be seen and heard in six shorts: In STUDIE NR. 9 (G 1931) by Oskar Fischinger and TRADE TATTOO (USA 1937) by Len Lye, sounds become movement, SIDEWALKS (USA 1966) by Marie Menken runs behind the lines on the sidewalk and DAS HEMD (D 1996) allows objects to become independent. LE PUITS FANTASTIQUE (F 1903) shows us astonishing transformations and in RIVERRED (G 2011), siblings play on a river bank. DIE EXPEDITION ZUM SÜDPOL turns us into polar explorers.(em) (22.4., for everyone aged 8 and up)

arsenal cinema: Big cinema, small cinema #20

04:00 pm Cinema 1

Studie Nr. 9



Trade Tattoo

Das Hemd

Die Expedition zum Südpol

Le puits fantastique

*Studie Nr. 9 Oskar Fischinger Germany 1931 35 mm 3 min
*Sidewalks Marie Menken USA 1961/1966 16 mm OV 6 min
*Riverred Eva Heldmann Germany 2011 DVD 8 min
*Trade Tattoo Len Lye USA 1937 16 mm OV 6 min
Das Hemd Alberto Couceiro, Alejandra Tomei Germany 1996 DVD 6 min
Die Expedition zum Südpol Astrid Rieger Germany 2002 DVD 2 min
*Le puits fantastique Georges Méliès F 1903 16 mm 4 min

Sound workshop and moderation: Eunice Martins For everyone aged 8 and up
arsenal cinema: Ruth Beckermann Retrospective

07:00 pm Cinema 1

Jenseits des Krieges

Jenseits des Krieges Austria 1996
35 mm OV/EnS 117 min

Introduced by Bert Rebhandl
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Land in sight – landscapes in film

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Kurische Nehrung

Kurische Nehrung Volker Koepp Germany 2000
35 mm 92 min