January 2018, arsenal cinema

Heinz Emigholz

DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP (Nr. 176) – First drawing by Heinz Emigholz in the monthly program brochure, November 2008

"Arrowplane stages the multiplication of a panning shot, applied to three landscapes." It was the artist, filmmaker and author Heinz Emigholz’s first film in the Berlinale Forum, back in 1974. A very good start! By 2017, 30 of his works had featured in the Forum or Forum Expanded, each one treating cinema anew. During the 1990s, the UDK's "Experimental filmmaking" series shaped Tuesdays at the Arsenal: The films and pre-screening introductions expanded the space of experimental film into an infinite form of thought, which inspired the 2012 "Think:Film" congress. Since 2008, Emigholz has also been enriching our program with a series of drawings and texts. All of this is more than reason enough to celebrate his 70th birthday by screening his latest film: STREETSCAPES (2017). (stss) (15.1.)

arsenal cinema: FilmDocument

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Impuls unserer Zeit

Impuls unserer Zeit Otto Martini FRG 1959
Digital file 58 min
Electronic sound design: Josef Anton Riedl

Introduced by Jeanpaul Goergen
arsenal cinema: Heinz Emigholz

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Streetscapes [Dialogue]

Streetscapes [Dialogue] Heinz Emigholz
Germany 2017 With John Erdman, Jonathan Perel, Natja Brunckhorst
DCP English OV 132 min

Heinz Emigholz in person