June 2018, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation presents: DEFA Digital - fresh colors for films from the 1980s


Color grading poses a particular challenge in the digital restoration of analogue films. What criteria exist when the original lighting and colors have to be maintained or re-created? What has to be taken into account when an analogue print is turned into a digital reproduction? These questions will accompany this film evening which features two premieres of digital restorations: In JADUP UND BOEL (Rainer Simon, GDR 1981, premiered 1988) a small town mayor is reminded of an early love of his whom he abandoned and forced to examine critically not only his political attitudes but his private life as well. In the comedy ICH LIEBE DICH – APRIL! APRIL! (Iris Gusner, GDR 1987), the student Caroline deliberates how to confess to her mother, a successful and divorced lawyer, that she secretly married Tom. (jh) (4.6.)


arsenal cinema: Anna May Wong – Star, Icon, Boundary Breaker

07:00 pm Cinema 1

Chu Chin Chow

Chu Chin Chow Walter Forde UK 1934
With Anna May Wong, George Robey, Fritz Kortner
35 mm OV 93 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour – Light in Film

08:00 pm Cinema 2

In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-wai
Hong Kong 2000 With Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung
35 mm OV/GeS 98 min

arsenal cinema: Anna May Wong – Star, Icon, Boundary Breaker

09:00 pm Cinema 1


Piccadilly Ewald André Dupont UK 1929
With Gilda Gray, Anna May Wong, Charles Laughton
35 mm OV 108 min

Eunice Martins on grand piano