January 2018, arsenal cinema

Cinepoetics Lecture #5: Jennifer M. Barker


In moving beyond of sensuous and cognitive borders, the phenomenon of synesthesia is characterized by a unique temporality. However, this temporal aspect of moving images’ and memory’s synesthetic quality is rarely mentioned in discussions of synesthesia in relation to film and new media. In her lecture Color Outside the Lines: Animating a Model of Cinematic Synesthesia, Jennifer M. Barker (Georgia State University) focuses on animation films from Pixar and Hertzfeldt, and draws on research into neonatal synesthesia and the phenomenology of childhood in order to show that conventional descriptions of synesthesia within the arts have given too little space to the question of time. We will show INSIDE OUT (Pete Docter, USA 2015) prior to the lecture. (cs/er) The Cinepoetics Lectures are organized by Cinepoetics—Center for Advanced Film Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. (29.1.)

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour 
– Rebels With a Cause

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Seishun zankoku monogatari

Seishun zankoku monogatari Naked Youth
Nagisa Oshima Japan 1960 35 mm OV/GeS 96 min

arsenal cinema: Karrabing Film Collective

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$)

When the Dogs Talked

Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$)
Australia 2015 Digital file OV 36 min
When the Dogs Talked Australia 2014
Digital file OV 34 min

Ethan Jorrock, Angelina Lewis, Elisabeth A. Povinelli and Kieran Sing in person