May 2018, arsenal cinema

Points of View


The Udk film institute presents new monographies from graduates of the Art and Media program. Ljupcho Temelkovski’s MARGINA documents the arduous everyday life of a Macedonian Roma family, which is marked by sacrifice, humiliation, and a talent for improvisation born of necessity. Esteban Rivera Ariza’s trilogy deals with knowledge and belief. DIE VERSTEINERTEN explores the preservation and the resuscitation of the dead. In FIRMAMENTUM CONTINUITAS, a cosmonaut gives an account of his secret agreements with the Pope. WISDOM TEETH describes the geological research carried out by Nikolaus Steno (1669) on fossilized sharks’ teeth on a mountain. Cavo Kernich’s feature MIKEL depicts the everyday life of a young asylum-seeker called Mikel (Jonathan Aikins). He accompanies him at work and on his wanderings through an inhospitable Berlin. Outside the shadowy realm of his illegal job, he remains alone with his dreams and desires. (bs) (9.5.)

arsenal cinema: Points of View

07:30 pm Cinema 1


Die Versteinerten

Firmamentum Continuitas

Wisdom Teeth


New films from graduates of the Art and Media program
Margina Ljupcho Temelkovski Macedonia/Germany 2015 82 min
Die Versteinerten Esteban Rivera Ariza Germany 2015 8 min
Firmamentum Continuitas Esteban Rivera Ariza Germany /Russia 2016 12 min
Wisdom Teeth Esteban Rivera Ariza Italy 2017 11 min
Mikel Cavo Kernich Germany 2016 31 min

The filmmakers will be present
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08:00 pm Cinema 2

A londoni férfi / The Man from London

A londoni férfi / The Man from London Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky
Hungary/France/Germany 2007 With Miroslav Krobot, Tilda Swinton
35 mm OV/GeS 139 min