May 2018, arsenal cinema

Public Screening – The Harun Farocki Institute Presents

NIGHTSHIFT(1981)by Robina Rose (in collaboration with Nicola Lane) was shot as a low budget film over five nights at the Portobello Hotel in west London, where the filmmakers regularly worked to make ends meet. It was created in parallel to other important projects by British filmmakers of the 70s and early 80s, which explored the work of women in relation to politics, film, desire, and society. Today, the film is largely unknown, although the info-sheet for the 12th International Forum of New Cinema states that it was the “best British film of this edition” of the Edinburgh Film Festival; with filmmaker Jon Jost on the camera, it also entered the American independent film scene. We are showing NIGHTSHIFT together with LARISSA(1980) by Elem Klimow, a cinematic tribute to Larissa Scheptiko, one of the most significant Soviet film directors. (dm) (30.5.)

arsenal cinema: FilmDokument: 50 Years of 1968

07:00 pm Cinema 2


Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure

Ein Western für den SDS

Django und die Tradition

50 Years of 1968
*Demonstrantenselbstschutz Dietrich Schubert FRG 1968 16 mm 6 min
*Brecht die Macht der Manipulateure Helke Sander FRG/Finland 1968 16 mm 48 min
Ein Western für den SDS Günter Peter Straschek FRG 1968 Digital file 23 min
*Django und die Tradition – Die letzte SDS Delegiertenkonferenz Hannover November 1968, Teil 1:
Politisches Protokoll der Delegiertenkonferenz
Günther Hörmann FRG 1968 16 mm 24 min

Introduced by Fabian Tietke
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Production Design

07:30 pm Cinema 1


*Pirosmani Georgi Schengelaia
USSR 1969 35 mm OV/GeS 85 min