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The school chronicle of a village teacher from the area west of the Elbe serves as the basis of DEFA documentary film director Karl Gass’s last film in 1990. Albert Linnecke, who was born in 1889 and died in 1954, ended up in Rindtorf as a supply teacher during the First World War. In his writings, school outings stand alongside political events and economic up- and downturns in times of war and peace – nearly four decades of the history of Germany and its mental state, seen through the eyes of a man who was always able to adapt to the shifting political systems. After the film was finished, Gass made a career change after nearly 40 years of making documentaries, becoming a writer of books about Prussian history. With an introduction by Fabian Tietke – an event by Eine CineGraph Babelsberg in collaboration with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv and the Deutsche Kinemathek. (ft) (12.11.)

arsenal cinema: FilmDocument: NATIONALITÄT: DEUTSCH

07:00 pm Cinema 2

Nationalität: deutsch

Nationalität: deutsch Karl Gass GDR 1990
35 mm 88 min

Introduced by Fabian Tietke
arsenal cinema: The Living Word – The Films of Eugène Green

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La sapienza


La sapienza F/Italy 2014
DCP OV/EnS 100 min
Showing first: Correspondances F/South Corea 2009
HDCam OV/GeS 40 min