November 2014, arsenal cinema

KinoPolska: Guest Tomasz Wasilewski

Young director, screenwriter and producer Tomasz Wasilewski presents his most recent feature PŁYNĄCE WIEŻOWCE and Ryszard Bugajski's INTERROGATION.

PŁYNĄCE WIEŻOWCE (Floating Skyscrapers, Poland 2013, 5.11., screening attended by Tomasz Wasilewski) Kuba, a competitive swimmer, lives with his girlfriend. One day he meets a young man who awakens unexpected feelings in him. Kuba is scared and fascinated at the same time. By drawing on close-ups, claustrophobic rooms and oppressive skyscraper landscapes, Wasilewski succeeds in creating an impressive reflection about the freedom to be yourself.

PRZESŁUCHANIE (Interrogation, Ryszard Bugajski, Poland 1982, 6.11., screening attended by Tomasz Wasilewski) This political thriller about Stalinist state terror during the early 1950s was banned for years in Poland and could first be screened in 1989. (al) In collaboration with the Polish Institute Berlin.

arsenal cinema: Living Archive Residency

07:30 pm Cinema 2

A Portrait of Ga


Colour Poems


Der Schmetterling im Winter

*A Portrait of Ga Margaret Tait
UK 1952 16 mm 4 min
*Notebook Marie Menken
USA 1962 16 mm 11 min
*Colour Poems1974 Margaret Tait
UK 1974 16 mm 11 min
*O-de-ka-ke-Diary Utako Koguchi
Japan 1988 16 mm 47 min
*Der Schmetterling im Winter Ute Aurand & Maria Lang
Germany 2006 16 mm 30 min

Presented by Lisabona Rahman
arsenal cinema: 70 mm: PHANTOM THREAD

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread Paul Thomas Anderson
USA/UK 2017 With Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps
70 mm OV 130 min