September 2018, arsenal cinema

Public Screening: The Harun Farocki Institute presents

In 1991, TRANSIT LEVANTKADE screened at the Duisburg Film Week and as part of ZDF’s “Das kleine Fernsehspiel”. Rosemarie Blank’s film combines enacted scenes and historical material and is about the past and present of Levantkade in Amsterdam’s old harbor, from where people left to go to South America in the early 20th century as well as from where - not much later - the deportation of forced laborers was organized under the Nazi occupation. The “transit” of the title could connect Blank’s film with Anna Seghers’ 1941 novel, one of Harun Farocki’s favorites, as well as to Christian Petzold’s 2018 adaptation Transit (2018) and also to Fluchtweg nach Marseille by Ingemo Engström und Gerhard Theuring (1977). Showing the port as a zone of contact, a relay station of migration, a transient place, with alternative, nomadic ways of living, proves to be a productive task of film and/or of political historiography. (HaFI) (7.9.)

arsenal cinema: Hollywood Blacklist

07:00 pm Cinema 1

The Boy with Green Hair

The House I Live In

The Boy with Green Hair Joseph Losey USA 1948 With Pat O’Brian, Robert Ryan
Restored by The Museum of Modern Art with support from
The Film Foundation and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association
35 mm OV 82 min
Showing first: The House I Live In Mervin LeRoy USA 1945 With Frank Sinatra
35 mm OV 11 min
Preserved by the Library of Congress

arsenal cinema: Public Screening: The Harun Farocki Institute presents

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Transit Levantkade

*Transit Levantkade Rosemarie Blank NL 1991
16 mm OV/GeS 85 min

Presented by Harun Farocki Institut Free admission
arsenal cinema: Hollywood Blacklist

09:00 pm Cinema 1

Marked Woman

Marked Woman Lloyd Bacon USA 1937
With Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart
35 mm OV 98 min