April 2019, arsenal cinema

filmPOLSKA – Camera Art – Guest: Julian Kernbach


We are presenting two films by Polish cinematographer Julian Kernbach, who will attend the screenings. UŁASKAWIENIE (Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland 2018, 29.4.) The post-war era in Poland. Hanna and Jakub are mourning their son Wacław, who fought against the German occupying forces until 1945 and afterwards against the Communist government in Poland. A visually commanding, cinematic lament, narrated in the style of a road movie in the period just after the war, in which reference is repeatedly made to classical motifs. VIA CARPATIA (Klara Kochańska, Kasper Bajon, Poland/Czech Republic/Macedonia 2018, 30.4.) shows us the refugee crisis as a marital crisis between Piotr and Julia. One day, they find out that Piotr’s Syrian father is in refugee camp in Greece and that they are supposed to pick him up there. Laconically and as if by accident, the camera collects impressions of modern life, casual and unspectacular. A program by the Polnisches Institut Berlin.



arsenal cinema: UdK Seminar: Corpus-Container

05:00 pm Cinema 2


Free Radicals

Stadt in Flammen

Garden of Chromatic Disturbance

Le retour à la raison

Negative Man

aus der leere

Sommererfrischung oder For Maria and Myself

Blutrausch – Bloodlust



*Farewell Stefan Zeyen Germany 2009 DVD 3 min
*Free Radicals Len Lye USA 1958 16 mm 5 min
*Stadt in Flammen Jürgen Reble FRG 1984 16 mm 5 min
*Garden of Chromatic Disturbance
Corinne und Arthur Cantrill AUS 1999 16 mm 11 min
*Le retour à la raison Man Ray F 1923 16 mm 2 min
*Negative Man Cathy Joritz FRG 1985 16 mm 2 min
*aus der leere Markus Ruff Germany 2005 16 mm 15 min
*Sommererfrischung oder For Maria and Myself
Milena Gierke USA/FRG 1987 Super 8 3 min
*Blutrausch – Bloodlust Torsten Fleisch Germany 2000 16 mm 4 min
*Fuses Carolee Schneemann USA 1965–68 16 mm 22 min
*Weissfilm Birgit und Wilhelm Hein FRG 1977 16 mm 5 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour: Clothes in Motion – Costumes, Styles and Fashion in Film

07:30 pm Cinema 2

L’année dernière à Marienbad

L’année dernière à Marienbad Last Year at Marienbad
Alain Resnais F/Italy 1961 With Delphine Seyrig
35 mm OV/EnS 94 min

arsenal cinema: Life at Any Price –
 Bo Widerberg Retrospective

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Joe Hill (schwedische Fassung)

Joe Hill (Swedish version) S/USA 1971
DCP English OV 114 min