November 2017, arsenal cinema

Filmspotting: Exploring the Deutsche Kinemathek's Film Archive


After the Second World War, Whit Corbett is sent to French-Saigon in search of SS-henchman Martin Bruner. Yet how is he supposed to find this "man without a face" there if all the photos of him show him from behind? In the German dubbed version of ROGUES' REGIMENT/DER MANN OHNE GESICHT (Robert Florey, USA 1948), "Rogues' Regiment" was entirely robbed of its political content, as the Nazis no longer appear. Alongside the more well-known cases of "Casablanca" und "Notorious", the 1954 German version of Robert Florey’s film is a lesson in falsifying through dubbing, which becomes clear in the direct juxtaposition of American original and the seldom shown dubbed version. Film historian Nils Daniel Peiler introduces both versions. (ah) (27.11.)