August 2019, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation Presents: For Ursula Karusseit


Theater actress Ursula Karusseit, who died in February, stood before the camera for several DEFA productions alongside numerous television films. We present two less well-known DEFA works with her in the leading role. In Frank Vogel’s farce DIE GÄNSE VON BÜTZOW (1985), Karusseit was able to give full rein to her comedic talent. She is the best goose breeder in a small town in Mecklenburg at the end of the 18th century and tries to convince the despotic mayor to get married. Yet he seeks to keep her away from him via a “goose edict”, which eventually leads to upheaval and revolt. DIE STUNDE DER TÖCHTER (1980) by Erwin Stranka shows Karusseit as committed, yet lonely party functionary Ruth. Due to a life-threatening heart attack, her father (Dietrich Mechow) summons his four daughters to him and would like to find out how much of his values and his character he’s passed on to them. (jh) (5.8.)

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour 
– Rebels With a Cause

07:30 pm Cinema 2


*Sedmikrásky Daisies
Věra Chytilová ČSSR 1966
35 mm OV/EnS 74 min

arsenal cinema: Female Film Noir Pioneers –
 Muriel Box, Edith Carlmar, Bodil Ipsen, Ida Lupino, Wendy Toye

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Mordets melodi

Mordets melodi The Melody of Murder
Bodil Ipsen Denmark 1944
35 mm OV/EnS 100 min