May 2018, arsenal cinema

Filmspotting: Exploring the Deutsche Kinemathek’s Film Archive


On this journey through the Hungarian Puszta, a young painter meets a mysterious woman on a horse. She seems to be mysteriously connected to Major Murai, a friend of the painter’s at whose estate he’s staying. While he wanders through nature, he doesn’t just get to know the country and its people, but also gradually learns the story of Brigitta and the Major, a story of damaged love, separation, and coming together again. BRIGITTA (Dagmar Knöpfel, Germany 1994), the adaptation of a novel by Adalbert Stifter, offers fantastic black and white images, which capture the wide landscape, the faces of the locals, and the calm atmosphere of the literary source in appropriate fashion. BRIGITTA has recently been added to the distribution range as a digital print. (ah) (28.5.)

arsenal cinema: Karrabing Film Collective

06:00 pm

The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland

Night Time Go

Opening: New sound and video works in the garden of silent green Kulturquartier
8pm: The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland
Australia 2018 Digital file OV 27 min
Night Time Go Australia 2017
Digital file OV 31 min

Ethan Jorrock, Angelina Lewis, Elisabeth A. Povinelli and Kieran Sing in person
At silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin-Wedding
Free admission
arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour 
– Rebels With a Cause

07:30 pm Cinema 1

Jeune femme

Jeune femme Montparnasse Bienvenüe
Léonor Serraille France/Belgium 2017
DCP OV/GeS 97 min

arsenal cinema: Magical History Tour 
– Rebels With a Cause

08:00 pm Cinema 2

Putjowka w shisn

*Putjowka w shisn Road to Life
Nikolai Ekk USSR 1931
35 mm OV/GeS 93 min