April 2019, arsenal cinema

Narcissister Organ Player

[Translate to english:] NARCISSISTER ORGAN PLAYER, 2017

We are welcoming New York performance artist Narcissister as our guest. Her work is about the question of how racist and sexist stereotypes are produced by fetishization. A film has been created from her radical artistic practice: NARCISSISTER ORGAN PLAYER (2017) is a hybrid of performance and documentary that explores how the data of our ancestors is stored in our bodies and determines our lives. At a personal level, the film examines how the artists’ complex family history brought her to create the masked, erotic figure of Narcissister. (stss) (10.4. moderated by Marc Siegel at Arsenal, 11.4. at Yvonne Lambert Gallery).

arsenal cinema: Film Restored. The Film Heritage Festival

07:00 pm Cinema 1

Kuhle Wampe

*Kuhle Wampe Slatan Dudow Germany 1932
DCP OV/EnS 75 min

Address of Welcome: Rainer Rother, Artistic Director Deutsche Kinemathek