December 2019, arsenal cinema

re-selected: Amos Vogel Korrespondenz

Amos Vogel (r.), Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 1959

A research project on Amos Vogel and his connection to the Oberhausen Short Film Festival has begun. In the 60s, the New York film curator and publicist left his mark on the festival as a jury member, correspondent, and the one responsible for selecting films from the US. Vogel’s letters and film notes also suggest that Oberhausen was in turn a treasure trove for his work in New York. This program brings together five “New German” films that he was passionate about at the time: films by Wolf Hart, Wolfgang Ramsbott & Harry Kramer, Werner Königs, and Lucas Maria Böhmer, in which Vogel saw something new seen only seldom today. In addition: Dan Drasin’s legendary documentary SUNDAY (Oberhausen prizewinner ‘62) about how the New York police attacked the folk music scene at Washington Square Park, that is, right in front of Vogel’s door. (th) All the films will be shown on analogue prints. re-selected is a project by Oberhausen Short Film Festival in collaboration with Arsenal as part of Archive außer sich. (3.12.)

arsenal cinema: Short.Film.Tour. 2019/20 – Passing the Baton

07:30 pm Cinema 2

Neko No Hi/Cat Days

Inside Me



Nach dem Fest

Der Proband

Neko No Hi/Cat Days Jon Frickey
Germany 2017 DCP OV/GeS 11 min
Inside Me Maria Teixeira
Germany 2019 DCP OV/GeS 5 min
Hostel Daniel Popat
Germany 2018 DCP OV/GeS 10 min
Dorotchka Olga Delane
Germany 2019 DCP OV/GeS 20 min
Nach dem Fest Hannes Schilling
Germany 2018 DCP German OV 14 min
Der Proband Hannes Schilling
Germany 2019 DCP German OV 30 min

With guests, Moderated by Cornelia Klauß
arsenal cinema: Gaumont: Born with Cinema (2)

08:00 pm Cinema 1

Demain et tous les autres jours

Demain et tous les autres jours Tomorrow and Thereafter
Noémie Lvovsky France 2017 With Noémie Lvovsky, Mathieu Amalric
DCP OV/GeS 91 min