June 2019, arsenal cinema

The DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program presents: Manuel Abramovich


The Argentinian filmmaker and cameraman Manuel Abramovich (*1987) has been making films since 2012. In SOLDADO (2017), he observes from a sober distance a young recruit in the Argentine army who is training to be a drummer. In carefully framed pictures, the camera focuses on rigid rituals and military exercises akin to absurd theater. We are also screening LA REINA (2013), about a young carnival queen and the pressure (not only social) to which she is subjected, and BLUE BOY (2019), a portrait about a several young Romanian sex-workers in Berlin. Abramovich himself will present TITICUT FOLLIES (USA 1967), the first film made by the great documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman about a hospital for the “criminally insane” in Massachusetts. (al) (5.6.)